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About us

Advantages of cooperation with our company

1. We control carefully every stage of construction of a wooden house.

(from receiving raw materials to site assembly)

2. Our production shops have only high-precision modern equipment.

3. The qualified masters from Russia work at a factory, delivery and assembly of a wooden house.

4. We build from the best wood from Siberia (Angara pine, Siberian cedar, Siberian larch, Kelo)


The investment and structural corporation Russian Forest ltd is dynamically developing manufacturing enterprise which sets clearly expressed purposes and owns all resources for their achievement.

Our investment and structural corporation is the best choice for customers at implementation of building projects in the most profitable segments and target sales markets.

Our company specializes in building wooden houses.

We offer our customers wooden houses constructed in the best Russian and world traditions of wooden house-building applying modern technologies.

We certainly support implementation of federal and local regional programs for providing the population with housing.

We introduce the modern informational technologies and construction process; we monitor and control compliance with construction standard by all participants of the market.

We are open to dialog and collaboration. Please, call or visit us to ask any questions.

Our company’s major businesses are designing, manufacturing and constructing panel board houses, houses out of round logs, Glued laminated timber , round-edge cant, chinked logs.

Russian Forest ltd works both on internal and external markets.

Unlike other companies, we have equal requirements to product quality for export and internal market.

We offer a wide range of services:

designing (architectural concept, calculation of ceilings, rafter system etc.).

• Production of the base.

• Production of sets of wooden houses.

Erecting work.

Roof installation.

Windows and doors installation.

• Painting and finishing works.

Fire protection and fungicidal treatment.

Engineering systems and service lines.

Engineering service.


All services which we render are directed on all types of houses.



Constructors appreciated useful characteristics of an Angara pine long ago. Simplicity in processing, strength durability, rot resistance and beautiful appearance do this wood one of the most popular construction material around the world.

The Angara pine grows only in the Irkutsk region and in a river basin of the Angara and is about 52 m tall with a trunk up to 2m diameter. Average age of a mature tree is two hundred - three hundred years.

This kind of a pine is recognized as more valuable construction material than widespread pines in the European part of Russia.

The bleak climate of Siberia slows the growth of a tree, reducing the distance between the growth rings. It gives wood big strength and density.

The Angara pine is a beautiful amber shade which doesn\'t change over time. This kind of a pine belongs to wood of average density. It has a small amount of limbs so it is easy to process it. Due to the high content of the preservative pitch this kind of a tree has high rot resistance.


There is no doubt that the Angara pine is eco-friendly. In the zone of its growth there are neither industrial enterprises, nor large cities. There is clear air and crystal clear water there as the Angara river rises from Lake Baikal.

The Siberian Larch

The Siberian larch is a coniferous tree of unusual strength and density. It can grow more than 500 years reaching 45-50 m tall.

This type of wood has a number of excellent characteristics:

Due to special composition of pitch the wood of a larch is protected from moisture naturally. Over the years it increases its density.

Resistance to rotting is caused by the high content of tanning agents. It makes possible to use it in construction without aftertreatment. When using fungicidal treatment it becomes indestructible and almost eternal material.

Excellent resistance

The Siberian larch possesses a unique ability to resist to rotting in ocean water; therefore during the reign of Peter the First wide use of this valuable structural material was strictly forbidden.

Larch was applied to build the powerful Russian fleet and construct significant buildings such as Winter Palace and Cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin.

Let\'s remember the fact that the well-known North Italian city of Venice is built on piles made of the Siberian larch. Centuries-old Venetian columns not only resisted, but also kept their durability.

The Siberian larch becomes even stronger in the course of time, and under the influence of moisture it turns to stone.

Pleasant coniferous aroma and salutary properties of pitches

Wood of a larch has a unique composition of substances which have curative properties.

During the serviceable life the walls of a wooden house made of a larch exhale natural phytoncides which efficiently disinfect and decontaminate the air, prevent common cold and have beneficial effect on human health.


The Siberian larch contains antioxidants which stimulate work of immune system, help an organism to create reliable protection against many diseases.

This natural material breathes well round the year. It ionizes and decontaminates the air from harmful radioactive substances, fills the room with wonderful coniferous aroma and creates a pollution-free and comfortable microclimate.

Often these curative properties of the Siberian larch become the main reason for choosing this construction material for our customers - residents of polluted megalopolises.

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